Monday, 24 June 2013

Life can be hard...

Some mornings it's just not worth it to chew through the leather straps. -- Emo Philips

Thursday, 20 June 2013

A brief review: Flash edp by Jimmy Choo...

FLASH wasn't too bad upon first application; peppery strawberry and citrus fruits, so it applies sharp and fresh, but has a hint of sweetness about it. Nice and realistic, but nothing original or special.

After ten minutes FLASH went from hum-hum to get-it-off-me. Tuberose is always bitter on my skin, so when it combines with the lingering citrus it turns into, err, cat pee. On me it does, anyway. Sorry; it's not a very descriptive review as I can't pick up any of the other scent notes as the tuberose seems to shut my nose down, so the damage is done.

After six hours or so the floral and citrus jumble dies down, leaving a light whisper of woods and violet, which is again nice, but nothing special. Sadly the bitter florals leave a lasting impression, so my stomach turns when I simply walk past a display of FLASH in the store.

Scent notes: strawberry, tangerine, pink pepper, tuberose, jasmine, white lily, heliotrope and blond wood.

Sorry Mr Choo, but it's a no from me. FLASH isn't very original, easy to wear, and for the price I would have liked something which lasts for more then 6 hours.

Wednesday, 12 June 2013

New: China Glaze Autumn Nights nail polish collection

  • Gossip Over Gimlets-Platinum Shimmer
  • Goldie But Goodie- Rust-Gold Shimmer
  • Strike Up A Cosmo- Rose-Gold Shimmer
  • Rendezvous With You-Purple Shimmer
  • Public Relations- Violet-Gunmetal Shimmer
  • Kiss My Glass- Blue Gunmetal Shimmer
  • Tongue & Chic- Emerald Shimmer
  • Scandalous Shenanigans- Rich Blue Shimmer
  • Queen B- Blue-Purple Crème
  • Charmed, I’m Sure- Purple Crème
  • Don’t Make Me Wine- Red-Violet Shimmer
  • Red-Y & Willing- Red Shimmer

    [Collection due for release in August]

    New collection: China Glaze 'On The Horizon' feathered finish nail polish

  • You’re a Hoot – soft yellow, orange & black particles
  • Light As a Feather – orange, white & black particles
  • All A Flutter – pastel peach, soft blue & white particles
  • Party Fowl – bold blue, orange & black particles
  • Flock Together – mint green, bold blue & black particles
  • Flying South – orange, soft yellow & red-shimmery particles

  • [Due for release in August]

    Tuesday, 11 June 2013

    First glimpse of the China Glaze Halloween 2013 collection: Monsters Ball

    After finding photos of OPIs Halloween and Christmas collections online, I've been looking for photos of the China Glaze collections and have found a single, copyrighted photo of the upcoming Halloween 2013 display here.

    China Glaze tend to have original shades for their Halloween collections [whereas brands like OPI are prone to re-releasing preexisting shades under new names], so I've been looking forward to seeing pics.

    I'm not totally sure what to think of the Monsters Ball collection yet; their Ghoulish Glow [glow in the dark] topcoat is back, there will be a black texture polish, whist the other shades all seem to be glitters [green, blue, purple and a sliver/orange combo].

    Monsters Ball is much more interesting to look at then the OPI collection, but [based on the photo] the glitter shades look very similar to the ones in China Glaze's Halloween 2010 and 2012 collections.

    Hopefully China Glaze will release swatch pics soon, so that I can get a better look of what is on offer. But, at the minute, the only thing I want is the Ghoulish Glow as I missed out on it last year. Oh well, fingers crossed for the Christmas ranges...

    Monday, 10 June 2013

    New Beyoncé fragrance: Heat The Mrs. Carter Show World Tour Limited Edition...

    "I love my music, I love performing and most of all I love and appreciate my fans. I wanted to give them a special remembrance of this tour and I created this scent to reflect the power, passion and playfulness I put into my performances.” – Beyoncé

    Sunday, 9 June 2013

    OPI swatches and other pics galore: the San Fransico collection, Breast Cancer Awareness 2013, Halloween 2013 and the Mariah Carey Holiday colection 2013...

    The other day I came across a blog, where the author wrote about how she attended a OPI promotional event. Even better then the telling, she also showed :) That's right; this blog has photos of displays and/or swatches for every upcoming OPI collection for the rest of 2013. I'm just linking to the relevant blog post, because I just don't feel comfortable using the blog owner's exclusive photos.

    I personally was totally underwhelmed by the Halloween 2013 swatches, as yellow, orange and green are my three least favourite nail polish colours. Yeah - green and orange are Halloween colours, so I don't know I expected.  China Glaze does my favourite Halloween releases anyway, so hope is not yet lost.

    The Christmas collection made up for the Halloween one and then some; the Mariah Carey Holiday Collection has a whopping 12 crème, glitter and jelly shades, 6 liquid sand shades, PLUS a gold and silver leaf topcoat. Check out the swatches, you will drool..

    Monday, 3 June 2013

    L'Oreal Excellence Crème in Natural Dark Blonde [7]...

    Hi guys. 

    Welcome to the latest installment into my adventures in visiting the hair dye section in Boots. This time I fancy turning my next-quite-blonde-but-not-quite-brown hair over to the fully blonde side of life, so lets jump straight into the results...